Xi’an City Wall and Drum Tower. In today’s post there are more photos from around Xi’an, China. There are pictures taken on the city wall that circles Xi’an almost entirely (you can’t quite walk around it in a full loop but you can get close). There are also pictures taken on the drum tower which has the largest drum in the world (at least at the time we went there). There’s also a picture and description of one of the two main department stores in central Xi’an as well as photos from a truly sumptuous Japanese restaurant.

Hope you enjoy.

Xian city wall cannon

View from Xi'an City Wall

View from Xi’an city wall.

Drum Tower Xian, China

Largest drum in the world Xi'an

Xian Drum Tower Drums

Largest drum in the world. Xi’an has the largest drum in the world and this is it. I’m 6ft 4in tall and I’m just over half as tall as the diameter of this drum. You can beat some of the drums but not this one sadly.

Apartments in Xian

At the bottom of the picture above is the Chinese equivalent of a rag market. We had a quick walk through this market and you can buy some pretty cool things but I also wanted to capture the kind of places people live in. Generally speaking most apartments in China/Taiwan are pretty ok but these look a bit rougher. One of the main things I saw in China was the divide between rich and poor. The rich are really rich and the poor are really poor but there doesn’t seem to be much in between.

Department Store Xi'an

Central Xi’an has two large department stores and this is one of them. The other sells more goods like jewellery (where I bought Liv an engagement ring), cameras, tvs etc while this one is more for touristy goods but also food. We went to two different restaurants here. In one restaurant we had dumplings which were really tasty but the other restaurant, which was at the far end of this centre, was really bad. I really didn’t like the food and if I remember correctly (I’m updating this blog 3 years after) the service was lousy.

Xi'an City Wall Building

Building on the city wall in Xi’an. Another of my favourite photos from China. The building is quite stunning to look at but even though this was taken in normal daylight you can see the pollution blocking the sun. Xi’an is a really cool place but like many other cities in China the pollution is horrendous. Literally from the day I arrived in China until the day I returned to the UK, I was sick every day from the air quality.

Liv in Xi'an

Japanese food in Xi'an, China

Japanese restaurant in Xi’an. I didn’t catch the name of this restaurant but the food was really good. We had udon noodles (which I absolutely love), fried eel and some dim sum. The dim sum was really good but this was the first time I tried eel which is now one of my favourite dishes.