What is Chris Radley Photography?

Chris Radley Photography is all about a professional photographer who is well known for his sometimes epic beards. Many years ago I was heavily into competitive cycling (my last year along with full time work I cycled 14000 miles) but then one day I had a huge accident, knocked out some teeth and broke some bones and thought “that’s it” and so I needed a new hobby. I also grew at the time a huge caveman beard to cover my scars but this has gone through multiple changes.

I’ve always loved looking at photos of professional cycle races so I thought maybe I could give it a go so after buying initially quite a cheap camera, a Canon EOS 300D, and a couple lenses I ran around the streets of Birmingham looking for things to photograph. Turns out I loved taking photos so I enrolled on a photography evening course, sold my bikes and invested more heavily in my gear (this time a Canon 5D).

A part time course, a HND and a few years later I’m now working as a full time photographer in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a fantastic city with lots of things going on and I live here with my wife, Liv, and our three year old daughter (b: 10/3/2012) Amelia.

Amelia is an awesome little girl, very bright and very funny but she can be desperately naughty so sometimes we bite our lips but sometimes we have to really tell her off. We do love her to bits though. Liv on the other hand was for many years a professional chef but events at work and also having a daughter made her want to change career and after just a couple years she’s an increasingly successful illustrator. Her website can be found here: http://livwanillustration.com

chris radley photography

Wifey and myself, drawn in Chengdu, China

chris radley

Very rare photo of me! I hate having my photograph taken!

What do you do?

Take lots and lots of photos! In my ten or so years of being a serious photographer I’ve kind of gone full circle with my photography. When I started working as a photographer I did a lot of architectural/property/virtual tour type of photography but this at the time wasn’t really what I wanted to do and thus I moved to Edinburgh and became a wedding photographer.

I still work as a wedding photographer and cover numerous weddings each year of different sizes and at different venues all across Scotland.

I also do a lot of car photography nowadays working for various big companies photographing stock, doing site shots and corporate portraits. I also get to drive a lot of the cars I photograph which is great as I’m both a beard and car freak. In case you’re wondering my current car is a mk7 Golf R. It’s fun!

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