I’m a London based professional property and commercial photographer. I’ve been taking photos professionally since around 2007 and in this time I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, hundreds of properties, possibly thousands of cars and a lot of food.

Prior to the end of 2022, I was based in Edinburgh, although I am from England, and living in Edinburgh and Scotland was a great experience, but times and needs have changed and I’m now living in London.

Prior to becoming a photographer I was heavily into competitive cycling and in my last year of cycling I cycled 14000 miles while working full time in an office, but after a series of really bad accidents, with my last one involving teeth getting knocked out, I quit cycling.

I needed a new hobby, thought I’d have a go at photography and that was it, away I went. I bought a really cheap digital SLR with a couple lenses and with money from selling my bikes, I bought better camera equipment, studied a City & Guilds for a year then went on to do a HND for two years. I worked part-time as a photographer from 2007 to 2011 and since then I have been full time with the photography.

Over the years I have worked with many clients including, but not just, the below:

Grand Designs
All Bar One
Regents Estates
Altido (formerly BNB Buddy)
Guest Ready
Good Homes Magazine
A-Cubed Design
Karen Parry Architects
Bruach Design & Consultancy
Cool Stays
Recognition PR
Spotty Dog Communications

chris radley photography

Wifey and myself, drawn in Chengdu, China

chris radley

Very rare photo of me! I hate having my photograph taken!