I’m an Edinburgh based professional photographer. I’ve been taking photos professionally since around 2007 and in this time I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, hundreds of properties, possibly thousands of cars and a lot of food.

Prior to becoming a photographer I was heavily into competitive cycling and in my last year of cycling I cycled 14000 miles, but then after a series of really bad accidents and my last one involving teeth getting knocked out, I quit cycling.

I needed a new hobby and I’ve always loved looking at photos of professional cycle races so I thought maybe I could give it a go so after buying initially quite a cheap camera, a Canon EOS 300D, and a couple lenses I ran around the streets of Birmingham looking for things to photograph. Turns out I loved taking photos so I enrolled on a photography evening course, sold my bikes and invested more heavily in my gear (this time a Canon 5D).

A part time course, a HND and a few years later I’m now working as a full time photographer in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a fantastic city with lots of things going on and I live here with my wife, Liv, and our daughter (b: 10/3/2012) Amelia.

Amelia is an awesome little girl, very bright and very funny and she’s also a really incredible little tennis player. Liv on the other hand was for many years a professional chef but events at work and also having a daughter made her want to change career and after just a couple years she’s an increasingly successful illustrator. Her website can be found here: Liv Wan Illustration

chris radley photography

Wifey and myself, drawn in Chengdu, China

chris radley

Very rare photo of me! I hate having my photograph taken!