Food Photography

For a number of years, as well as working as a wedding photographer I’ve also done quite a lot of food photography. Living in the capital of Scotland and being surrounded by a number of excellent restaurants and also working closely with a published chef I’ve had the joy and pleasure of photographing some really amazing food.

blood orange and seared tuna quinoa salad
fen jen ro
gong bao tofu
sweet and sour pork belly
mango and beef rice noodle salad
chinese fish fragrant omelette
glutinous rice shumai
prawn fried rice
squid salad
red cooked pork belly with lotus root
prawn and lemon butter pasta
lemon and caper baked cod
salt and pepper squid
pan fried lotus root
stir fried beef with mung bean sprouts

My style of food photography is to use as much natural light as possible but with a lot of light bounced back in. In the event that a restaurant or the food surroundings are extremely dark then I can and do use studio lighting as well.

I use Nikon full frame cameras nowadays (D4 etc), Nikon’s top of the range lenses and for lighting Profoto lighting heads and accessories. Profoto in my opinion is just about the best you can get and equally Nikon’s top of the range cameras nowadays are simply stunning

lucky flower blossom squid
deep fried prawn rolls
steak salad
pearl meatball
eight treasure rice cake
cockle meatballs
taiwanese meat loaf
snowflake cake

Cook book

At the end of 2013 and into early 2014 I was involved in the process of making a cookbook. Naturally my main focus was the photography side of things but I also had quite a lot of input into the design of the book.

The theme of this book was home made Taiwanese cooking, recipes that Taiwanese people regularly cook at home. Taiwanese food has massive depth and can include fine dining restaurant food, home food, street food and more but the publisher, Marshall Cavendish, only wanted to do home style Taiwanese cooking for Taiwanese ex pats. Here are some pages from the cookbook we made of which I would love to do again.

Home Style Taiwanese Cooking Cook Book
Home Style Taiwanese Cooking Cook Book
Home Style Taiwanese Cooking Cook Book
Home Style Taiwanese Cooking Cook Book

Some pages that weren't included in the book but we love

Meat chapter page
seafood chapter page
Soup chapter page
Vegetable chapter page

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