February 08, 2017

Folio Albums Wedding Album

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Folio Albums Wedding Album

Feb 8, 2017 | Product

I think I’ve finally found the ultimate wedding album. Big statement I know but over the years I’ve gone through many companies with their different albums and I’ve had so many different results. But now I’ll only use Folio Albums Wedding Albums. I’ll explain below.

When I studying to become a photographer ten years ago I went to Focus on Imaging at the NEC in Birmingham and signed up with a popular Italian wedding album manufacturer. I thought their albums were really stunning at the time, and still do think their albums are lovely, but they look really stock. You can just tell an album was made by them. Also their quality could fluctuate a wee bit. I ordered one album with cut outs on the cover for photos and they weren’t straight. Another album had warped pages. Not so good.

Someone recommended Queensberry albums and I did look into them but they were way too expensive. I then used a popular American wedding album company but a couple parent albums had warped pages, the albums were really expensive and even more so because of the cost of getting them over to the UK (postage and import taxes), so unless folks you’re willing to spend £700+ on an album, they’re not an option.

I discovered Folio Albums in the latter half of 2016 through searching other wedding photographers websites and they looked really great. Everywhere I read that had ordered a Folio Album had been really happy and I was keen to source an album that was made in the UK and for the right combination of price and money.

I had one wedding for which I really needed to order an album and thought I’d give them a go and I have to say the whole ordering process, the customer service and of course the final product were really exceptional. Literally couldn’t be happier.

So for 2017 onwards I really can’t see my using wedding albums from any other companies, there’s no point. They’re either too expensive, too inconsistent quality wise or both at the same time. I’ve got another album for a customer to order which I’ll do in the very near future and I’m going to order an album for myself along with a load of swatches and other goodies. Also in 2017 I’m thinking about supplying personalised USB’s instead of DVDs. I work predominantly from an Apple Macbook Pro and I’m finding a number of my customers also have disk-less computers but if I do make the change I’ll be sure to blog about it.

folio albums wedding album
folio albums wedding album
folio albums wedding album
folio albums wedding album

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