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I’m a professional commercial and wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For the last nine years I’ve been photographing weddings primarily in Edinburgh but I’ve also photographed all kinds of other things from properties to food to events to virtual tours and more. There are so many beautiful locations and venues perfect for wedding photographs in Edinburgh. I have the great pleasure of working in many of them and two perfect examples of venues are Lothian Chambers and The Caves.

When I started out as a photographer I decided that I needed to be ultra professional with clean simple logos, a boring website and so forth but that really isn’t me. I am very professional in the way that I work but I also like to have some fun with my photography. In effect I treat people as I want to be treated.

In the last nine years since I got really serious about photography I’ve photographed approximately 230 weddings, photographed numerous events and portraits. I’ve also photographed food for restaurants and cookbooks and I’ve photographed many properties and hotels. My true photography love is working as a wedding photographer though.

Amongst the wedding photography Edinburgh venues I have worked in are Lothian Chambers, The Rowantree as well as the Caves, the Glasshouse Hotel, the G&V Hotel, Scotsman Hotel, Prestonfield, Edinburgh Castle and many more. You can find out more about my wedding photographer Edinburgh services here as well as my wedding photography packages.

There’s a lot of information throughout this website and it’s all very easy to find. Whether you’re enquiring about a wedding, need an event photographing or even have a property for which you need stills or virtual tours (or both) then there’s a section for this. There is also information about prices, wedding packages and lots of articles about weddings and other things I have photographed.

Finally at the bottom of this page you’ll see links for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I tend not to update Twitter too often but do check out my Facebook and Instagram pages, I post all kinds of things including promotions, funny videos, inspirational things and all sorts. Hope you enjoy your time on this website and do get in contact if you have any questions.

Recent Blog Posts

Dalhousie Castle Scotland Wedding

Dalhousie Castle Scotland Wedding. Easily one of my favourite venues and in my honest opinion the most beautiful castle in the Edinburgh area is Dalhousie Castle. I've shot a few weddings there and this year I had the pleasure of capturing two weddings. The other...

G&V Hotel Lothian Chambers Wedding

G&V Hotel Lothian Chambers Wedding. Perhaps once or twice a year I end up in the G&V Hotel in Old Town Edinburgh to take photos but in the space of 24 hours I was there twice to photograph a wedding reception for one wedding and preparation shots for the next....

Property Photography Newcastle

Property Photography Newcastle. Towards the back end of 2015 I did quite a lot of work for Deliveroo in which I travelled all around the place photographing food and restaurants for them. The job had different experiences and finished fairly

Food Photography November 2016

Food Photography November 2016. I good through dribs and drabs of photographing a lot of food. I've done quite a lot of restaurant shoots in the past and a couple years ago I was involved in the making of "Home Style Taiwanese Cooking" with my wife Liv. We still try...

Edinburgh Christmas Markets 2016

Edinburgh Christmas Markets 2016. I've always been a bit indifferent to the Christmas Markets here in Edinburgh and this is for a few reasons. The first is I lived in Birmingham for almost a decade and the European/German markets there were great. Really big, lots to...

Lothian Chambers Gay Wedding

Lothian Chambers Gay Wedding. It's really funny for me how I won't visit a venue for a wedding in a year then suddenly I will visit twice in a really short period. In this case I visited the same venue, the G&V Hotel in Old Town, for the first time in around two...

Corporate Portraits Edinburgh

Corporate Portraits Edinburgh. I had a really busy autumn with weddings in which at one point I photographed five weddings in just two weeks but now the wedding side of things has died down a little bit I'm now super busy with my other photography work. This includes...

American Wedding in Edinburgh Part 2

American Wedding in Edinburgh. Something ultra cool in my opinion. Exactly five years ago to this day I wrote about a wedding I photographed at Lothian Chambers for Ashley and David, which was a small but really lovely wedding. This always stuck with me as it was the...

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